Is the Non-Aggression Principle True? Is it Useful? A Christian Perspective, with James Jenneman

Summary – Is the Non-Aggression Principle True? Is it Useful? A Christian Perspective, with James Jenneman

In this thought-provoking episode of “The Biblical Anarchy Podcast,” we delve into the depths of the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) with our esteemed guest, James Jenneman, host of the Blackbird Podcast. Join us as we engage in a critical discussion about the truth and compatibility of the NAP within a Christian worldview.

Show Notes

  1. Introduction
    • Welcoming James Jenneman
    • Brief overview of the Blackbird Podcast
    • Setting the stage for the Non-Aggression Principle discussion
  2. Understanding the Non-Aggression Principle
    • James Jenneman’s perspective on the NAP
    • The historical and philosophical roots of the NAP
  3. The NAP and Christianity
    • Exploring the compatibility of the NAP with Christian teachings
    • Discussing key biblical texts relevant to the principle of non-aggression
  4. Debating the Truth of the NAP
    • Critical analysis of the NAP’s validity
    • Perspectives on moral and ethical implications
  5. Real-World Applications
    • How the NAP influences modern societal structures
    • Examples from current events and history
  6. Listener Questions
    • Addressing queries from the audience
    • Jenneman’s responses to listener concerns
  7. Concluding Thoughts
    • Summarizing key insights from the discussion
    • Final remarks from James Jenneman

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