What is The Truth About the Oklahoma City Bombing? with Jose Galison

Summary – The Truth About the Oklahoma City Bombing, with Jose Galison

Jose Galison joins me to discuss the issues with the “official narrative” surrounding the OKC bombing, Timothy McVeigh, Terence Yeeke, and other related figures and events. We get into how the media shaped public perception of this event and also discuss other events with “conspiracy theories” that actually make better sense of the facts than the narratives put forward by the government and media.


  • Host: Jacob Winograd
  • Guest: Jose Galison, host of the “No Way Jose” podcast
  • Discussion about libertarianism, anarchy, and the Oklahoma City Bombing

Key Topics

  1. Opening Remarks
    • Introduction of the episode and guest
  2. Jose Galison’s Background and Podcast
    • Jose talks about the evolution of his show ‘No Way Jose’
    • Focus on libertarian theory and parapolitics
  3. Oklahoma City Bombing Discussion
    • Transition to the main topic: Oklahoma City Bombing
    • Richard Booth’s contribution and the series on OKC on Jose’s show
  4. Terence Yeeke’s Involvement and Mysterious Death
    • Discussion about Terence Yeeke’s role and the circumstances surrounding his death
    • Analysis of the official narrative vs. observed discrepancies
  5. Conspiracy Theories and Government Narratives
    • Further Examination of the official narrative of the bombing juxtaposed with the discrepancies and alternative theories
    • Details about the robbery associated with the bombing and questionable aspects of the investigation
  6. The Role of Media and Public Perception
    • Discussion about media portrayal and the influence on public opinion
  7. Discussion on Government Operations and Historical Precedents
    • Reflections on historical operations like Northwoods and Gladio
    • Speculation on possible government involvement or cover-up
  8. Closing Remarks and Future Implications
    • Final thoughts on the bombing’s impact and the importance of critical examination of major events

Notable Quotes

  • Jose Galison on the nature of his podcast: “There’s not an overly defined show. It’s a hodgepodge of libertarian theory.”
  • Jose Galison on the importance of questioning narratives: “99 times out of a 100, it’s not exactly what you think it is.”

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