What Does the Bible Teach About the New Covenant and the Jewish People?

Summary – What Does the Bible Teach About the New Covenant and the Jewish people?

With the current events in Israel, a lot of evangelicals are talking about end-times prophecy, Zionism and the Jewish people’s status as God’s chosen people. This all pertains to dispensationalist theology, and what type of covenantal theology one subscribes to. In this episode, I seek to faithfully start exploring this topic.

In the OT Scriptures we see in Jeremiah and Exekial the foreshadowing of a time where God will make a new covenant with His people. This is fulfilled by Jesus, but it raises the following questions: what were the terms and conditions of God’s original covenant with the Jewish people? Did God break His covenant with them, or they with Him? What is different about the New Covenant, and who are God’s chosen people today?

While not exhaustive, this episode seeks to answer these questions by looking at what Scripture says – which points to, in my opinion, God having from the beginning in Genesis a plan of redemption in mind. We can see from reading the entirety of Scripture that Jesus Christ has declared His Kingdom, and in doing so He has fulfilled the old covenant and invited us to join in union with Him – and this is the New Covenant. The only identity that matters now is the identity we have and share in Christ. Listen in to the episode and join me as we begin to dive into Scripture and what it has to teach us regarding God’s covenant with His people.

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