Ep 271: Libertarian Scholarship, with Jason Jewell, Ph.D.

Episode 271

We were delighted to welcome back Jason Jewell, Ph.D., a previous guest on the podcast and new editor of our own journal the Christian Libertarian Review (CLR). Why is scholarship so important? Ideas that may be socio-politically irrelevant can be launched into the public eye through scholarly journals; therefore, libertarians should see the importance of such intellectual avenues – especially with peer-reviewed publications. As the saying goes “iron sharpens iron.”

When it comes to furthering the knowledge of a given field, scholarly journals act as a filter for the literature that is accepted by the experts. It is crucial to have a body of publications contributing to the intellectual landscape when it comes to creating ideas and informing movements, especially those that that face a great deal of opposition. Due to libertarianisms’ perceived theoretical nature amidst the “Statist-quo”, the scholarship and literature are a helpful tool for people trying to visualize a free society, or answer questions they may have.

The world has undergone so many changes in the last few years, and the literature of most any field will speak to these shifts in society – what will the libertarian world’s body of scholarly work have to say about all of it? Jason shares how these matters will influence the future articles and issues from CLR. As libertarians, we should have real-world examples of people flourishing within free civil societies or instances similar to them, and research is a great way to discover the ways humans survive outside of the services of the state.

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