Weekend Insights – Gatekeepers!

Welcome back to Weekend Insights, your LCI “President’s Corner” of miscellaneous articles, events, books, vids, and whatever else I’m thinking about… 

Lots of stuff out in the last few weeks, so here’s a brain dump for you on this lovely Easter Sunday. And let’s not forget: He is risen — he is risen indeed!

Against Scientific Gatekeeping (excellent piece on why science needs to be open).

More on gatekeeping, but this time with Elon Musk!

Jay Bhattacharya (Great Barrington Declaration) on medical licensing.

Robert Reich spews dangerous nonsense, not Elon Musk.

The War on Woke Capitalism has Begun.

The Wrong Elites (Jeff Deist at LVMI).

New interview with Hans Hoppe!

Nature paper on Far-UVC inactivating airborne pathogens — this is open-access and a frankly major advancement that we’re going to see more of in the future. Really cool stuff!

What I’m reading: Reading Disarming by my friend Andrew, and God’s Law and Order by Aaron Griffith (hopefully for a book review and podcast later). See all the books I’ve recently been reading on my GoodReads page.

Cheers, and have a great week!

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