Good News, Bad News April 15, 2022: The SCOURGE of Social Media, & Hidden Economic Insights

[NOTE of Irony: Hours after we recorded this episode, it was announced that Musk made an offer to buy Twitter. Thanks, Elon!]

The crew talks about the recent move by Elon Musk to take a major equity stake in Twitter, and the some implications this may have for the platform. But more importantly, it sparks discussion for many issues around social media itself. Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? How and why? They also talk about the recent debate on social media between Jonathan Haidt (The Righteous Mind) and Robby Soave from Reason, and a major article by Haidt in the Atlantic on social media as the new Tower of Babel. Finally, Aaron and our guest for the show, Olivia, talk about some interesting economic ideas that are often overlooked from Carl Menger regarding money demand and how inflations works.

Show Notes:

  • You can also listen to this episode of Good News, Bad News here!

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