Top 10 Websites and Blogs for Libertarian Christians

Christians are becoming ever more aware of the corruption and deceit of their respective political leaders, but finding good material on the internet about libertarianism (especially from a distinctly Christian perspective) can sometimes be a bit tricky. So, here are some websites with useful content for Christian libertarians that you should consider reading regularly. Not all of these are “Christian” libertarian websites, but they are essentials nonetheless and I consider these the best of the best. Of course, I sure hope you are subscribed to our regular newsletter here at LCI as well. If you haven’t, do it now! (This is a long-needed update to my blog post from years ago! You’ll see some sites have stuck around a long time, and a few that have rotated.)

In no particular order… here we go!

  1. The Acton Institute – The famed Lord Acton is known for saying “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The institute that now bears his name is dedicated to the study of religion and liberty. They publish a blog and a few scholarly journals.
  2. The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics – IFWE is a more recently founded organization and their focus is very much on angle of faith in business and economics. Perhaps a little more conservative-leaning at times, but they are solid people with a solid message and I really appreciate their work. Their best stuff, in my opinion, is their writing on eliminating poverty through wealth creation and ethical business.
  3. The Foundation for Economic Education – FEE has always been great with their long-running magazine “The Freeman”, but their shift in recent years to a primarily online presence has been wondrous.
  4. – The home of Reason Magazine, one of the best publications for news, analysis, and commentary from a libertarian perspective you’ll find anywhere. Our good friend Stephanie Slade is a managing editor there and her work is not to be missed.
  5. The Ludwig von Mises Institute – A libertarian who has not studied economics in some fashion has not studied enough. The Mises Institute is arguably the best place on the internet to learn about the workings of the free market. Their online library of free material is absolutely phenomenal.
  6. – is the most essential source for learning about what is going on in the Middle East today. Cut through the garbage of what the media tells you and get to the bottom of all of it!
  7. The Independent Institute – With so many great scholars, you can’t go wrong here. From David Theroux to Bob Murphy to Anthony Gregory, many of the greatest writers in libertarian circles have worked at Independent. (And we can’t forget to mention that Dr. Theroux also runs the CS Lewis Society of California.)
  8. The Cato Institute – Once again, a great institute with a great history of fighting for liberty. Their policy analysis is particularly top-notch. Don’t miss our fellow Christian brother there, Doug Bandow.
  9. – LCI contributor and co-author on Faith Seeking Freedom Kerry Baldwin writes here on libertarianism and much more.
  10. Godarchy – The eminent Mike Maharrey, who contributes to LCI and the Tenth Amendment Center, blogs here and has a great podcast that focuses on proclaiming God as the One True King. I love the website name!

Okay, so that’s the top 10, but I’d be silly not to point out another couple of great places for you to check out…

BONUS #1: The Christian Libertarian Facebook Group – If you really want to jump in headfirst to the most active discussion forum full of Christian libertarians anywhere, this is the place for you. It’s a wild and wacky board with plenty of spicy conversations at any given moment, so watch your step and get ready! (It’s a moderated group and you have to answer the “gateway” questions to get in at all, so don’t forget to pay attention as you join.)

BONUS #2: The Libertarian Christian Institute Facebook Page – LCI “micro-blogs” a lot on the Facebook platform, sharing memes, news articles, and plenty of fun discussion items. Check it out and follow us there!

Happy browsing, and keep the faith!