Top 10 Websites and Blogs for Christian Libertarians

Christians are becoming ever more aware of the corruption and deceit of their respective political leaders, but finding good material on the internet about libertarianism from a Christian perspective can sometimes be a bit tricky. So, here are some websites with useful content for Christian libertarians that you should consider reading regularly.

  1. The Acton Institute – The famed Lord Acton is known for saying “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The institute that now bears his name is dedicated to the study of religion and liberty. They publish a blog and a few scholarly journals.
  2. The Christian Libertarian Yahoo Group – This discussion group has moderate email volume and is definitely well worth being a part of. Many great conversations have been archived, and you can keep informed on a variety of issues by participating.
  3. Campaign for Liberty – The heroic Ron Paul continues the fight for freedom through the CFL, whose genesis was the incredible presidential primary that shocked the world. Lots of familiar names to libertarians have come together to promote constitutional law, civil liberties, sound money, and a foreign policy of peace.
  4. – LRC is one of the greatest libertarian op-ed sites on the net today, and many Christians write articles for them. Look for Bill Barnwell, Thomas Woods, Jeff Tucker, Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, Laurence Vance, and even Lew Rockwell himself as excellent examples of Christian libertarians. Make sure to subscribe to the blog as well as the daily articles.
  5. The Mises Institute – A libertarian who has not studied economics in some fashion has not studied enough. The Mises Institute is arguably the best place on the internet to learn about the workings of the free market. Their online library of free material is absolutely phenomenal. Like LRC, many Christians have published material here as well.
  6. – While not explicitly a Christian website, is the most essential source for learning about about what is going on in the Middle East today. Cut through the garbage of what the media tells you and get to the bottom of all of it!
  7. The Advocates for Self-Government – This is a great website for learning about principles of liberty. There are tons of resources here, including a page specifically for Christian thinkers.
  8. Wikipedia – Okay, so this might sound a bit sketchy, but you can learn a lot from Wikipedia through the libertarianism portal, like what agorism is or explanations of natural rights. They even have an entry for Christian libertarianism.
  9. The Humble Libertarian – A rather new blog with some excellent commentary. These guys deserve to be in your RSS reader!
  10. (formerly on Blogspot), of course! Subscribe to the RSS feed (or by email) and come back often to learn more about the Christian faith and principles of liberty.
  11. Independent Institute is  a great organization and well worth following!

Happy browsing, and keep the faith!