N.T. Wright on Caesar and Christ

Our dear friend and brother David Gornoski has a terrific radio show out of Orlando, Florida called A Neighbor’s Choice. Last week, he welcomed esteemed theologian and Anglican bishop N.T. Wright for a lively program discussing the pandemic, social justice, governance, and more. Here’s a summary of the description from his website along with the video. (See the original ANC post for the audio version.)

Doctor Wright points to how the early church revolutionized the way we think about our fellow human beings by caring for the poor and downtrodden and how those actions must be emulated in our current age as well. But what about some of the questions that split the churches right down the middle? Questions like: Should we employ coercion in our attempt to care for the poor and educate people? Can we implement the Sermon on the Mount in the world of politics?

“When God wants to transform this world, he doesn’t send in the tanks, he sends in the meek, the pure in heart, the hungry-for-justice people, the mourners, and the peacemakers, and by the time the bullies and the bad guys have woken up from what’s going on, the mourners, the hungry-for-justice people, and the meek have built hospitals and schools, looking after the poor, and are inculcating people’s imagination the idea that there is a different way to be human and it involves caring for one another.”

Watch the full interview here:

By the way, Wright has a new book out called God and the Pandemic.

Original link once more: NT Wright on Caesar and Christ.