Ep 120: Loving Liberty

Doug Stuart was a guest on Larry Reed’s “Reed Hour” on the Loving Liberty radio network, and joined Larry to discuss his journey to Christian libertarianism, what LCI is all about, and why democratic socialists are wrong about how to get what they want out of society. Show Notes    

Ep 119: Growing up (with) RC Sproul

In this episode, Norman is joined by Dr. RC Sproul Jr to discuss his new book Growing Up With RC. Dr. Sproul’s father, RC Sr., was an acclaimed theologian who passed away in late 2017. RC Jr.’s book honors his faithful gospel legacy, and in the show we pass on some Sproul-inspired lessons and memories […]

Romans 13 and Stateless Civil Governance: A Reformed View

This is a guest post by Gregory Baus. Gregory is a sometimes itinerant English teacher, and graduate student in philosophy at North-West University, South Africa. See his profile here. The Reformed theological tradition historically holds to an interpretation of Romans 13 that, in its basic outline, is compatible with libertarian anarchism, or ‘stateless civil governance.’ […]