Christians for Liberty Phoenix Chapter

Being a libertarian Christian can sometimes be a lonely journey. Even though it can often feel like you are completely alone, the truth is you are not.

Here in Phoenix, we had our initial “Christians for Liberty” meeting for our local chapter last week. The intention was to provide an opportunity and place for like-minded individuals to come together and openly discuss the connections between the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the relevance to libertarianism. The best part was that there was disagreement during our discussion; but it was civil, thoughtful, and honest.

Hopefully we will expand and find more members as we continue over the coming months, potentially even with those who are neither libertarian nor Christian. In my opinion, most Christians in America understand the importance of spreading the Gospel, and most libertarians understand the importance of spreading the principles of liberty. Why should these be separate?

Two-thousand years ago, Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself to defeat the great tyranny of them all: the tyranny of sin. Why shouldn’t we make this connection, and what better way to spread His love than through open and honest dialogue?

If you have a CFL chapter near you, I would strongly encourage you to attend their meetings. If there isn’t a chapter in your area, start a new one! It doesn’t have to be perfect, grandiose, or of large attendance. Just go for it, even if it’s something small. Our country and world is falling into the sin of tyranny faster than I would like to admit, and God needs His humble and faithful servants at the ready, now more than ever.

If you are interested in CFL small groups, check out all the info here.