Renewing Our Work (News of the Week, March 30th Edition)

Recapping interesting and significant news in the recent weeks…

In the past few weeks, we have encountered a new pope, a currency downfall in Cyprus, filibusters, and many other curious news bits. Here are some that you might have missed.

Art Lindsey discusses how renewing our character and work will help renew our culture. This is definitely a must read of the week!

Doug Stuart recently alerted me to a few interesting articles to share. First, theologian N.T. Wright presents a new reading of the book of Romans. Next, just in time for Easter, we find that Jesus was guilty! To find out of what, follow the link. :)

At the Independent Institute, Mary Theroux criticizes the Oscars.

Stephan Kinsella recently published a perspective on precisely who is a libertarian. It is important to be accepting of people who want to become part of the movement, but we need to know the fundamentals as well.

Have you missed out on the latest at LCC recently? Here are the most recent articles this week:

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