On Libertarian Controversy, in Brief

I’ve received a non-trivial number of comments, both public and private, about some of the articles posted here in the past month. Some people wonder why I would post things from other people that contain statements with which they know I don’t personally agree. It’s quite simple, really…

Controversy is no stranger to libertarians. We believe so strongly in such powerful principles that we cannot help but be pulled into a good debate. We work hard to hammer out ideas, to speak truth in the face of power, to persuade people of a better way of thinking and living.

But we also know that we don’t have all the answers, and that what we have to say is not the final word. Let’s be willing to hear other voices too. Whether it’s revisiting our theory of rights as Doug Douma has challenged us to do, or working out a consistent theology of public policy as John Cobin’s essays have been teaching us, or trying to understand self-defense from a Christian perspective, let us keep our minds open and tongues civil as we discuss, debate, and work toward greater liberty. Remember when you first discovered the principles of liberty and how you had to keep an open mind as you deconstructed your previous thought patterns. We haven’t finished that task yet.

Finally, even though the topics are serious, let us not take ourselves too seriously. We are not so important to be exempt from being patient, kind, and humble – all of which are great virtues no matter what perspective you come from.

That being said, what topics are challenging you to think differently these days? Speak out in the comments and give me an idea of what you are thinking… Perhaps it can be addressed in future articles? Until then, be of good cheer liberty lovers.

LCI posts articles representing a broad range of views from authors who identify as both Christian and libertarian. Of course, not everyone will agree with every article, and not every article represents an official position from LCI. Please direct any inquiries regarding the specifics of the article to the author. 

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