The Village Voice and Fear-Hope

I found out this morning that none other than the Village Voice, an alt-newspaper in New York City, discovered my Fear is the New Hope post. They didn’t seem to like it that much, so much so that I took the first spot on their laundry list of Barackritics:

But having no plan of their own with which to replace Obama’s — except for the traditional Republican miracle cure, tax cuts — they focused on an emotional appeal, claiming that the recession really isn’t anything to get excited about, and that the President was trying to terrorize Americans into supporting his plan. Their cue-card read “Fear,” and rightbloggers big and small scribbled it down:

Fear is the new hope,” said Libertarian Christians…

I’m listed along with other bloggers such as Big Dog’s Weblog, Sheepdog’s Blog, The Freedomist, Wizbang, American Glob, and Desert Conservative. Seriously? As far as I can tell, all of these guys are hardcore Republicans (any of them are free to correct me if I’m wrong). Now, I’m sure that these bloggers are respectable fellows, but to conflate our ideologies pretty much means you either (a) don’t know what a libertarian is, (b) don’t know what right-wing means, or (c) didn’t read what I wrote. Now, I’m assuming that Village Voice is full of respectable fellows as well, so I assumed option (b) and left the following comment on their article. Hopefully they will allow it to be seen after moderation. So, here we go then, dear Village Voice…

To clarify: I am not a “right-wing blogger.” You guys seem to think that someone who is against Obama’s policies must by definition be “right-wing.” But on the contrary, historically I have criticized the right just as much as the left. That’s why the website is called *Libertarian* Christians.

In fact, if you scroll down a little in my article, you’ll note how I compare the fear-mongering of Obama to the fear-mongering of Bush. How could I be a right-wing blogger and say this stuff?

And moreover, it is entirely inaccurate that neither I nor my fellow libertarians have offered legitimate solutions to the fiscal crisis. You can look through my writings on economics, or you can listen to Ron Paul, or you can read a host of articles on to find plenty of ideas for how to make the pain of the recession last for the least amount of time.

But I do thank you for the link. Good day and God bless. :-)


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