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What is a Libertarian Christian?

If you are curious about what it means to be a libertarian Christian, you might want to begin with the following articles. 

Jesus Was Not a Socialist

Romans 13 for Dummies

Jesus Wasn’t A Libertarian (But He’s Glad I Am!)

How to start learning about Christian libertarianism

Theology doesn’t begin and end with Romans 13

We believe libertarianism is the most consistent expression of Christian political thought.

Core Value #1

Christian Political Philosophy Should be Informed by a Holistic View of Scripture, Reason, and Historical Theology

Core Value #2

A Free And Civil Society Depends Upon Respect For The Non-Aggression Principle

Core Value #3

Individual Liberty and the Common Good are not at Odds

Core Value #4

Social Institutions Matter for Human Flourishing

Core Value #5

Christian Theology Affirms the Essential Tenets of Free Market Economics

The Libertarian Christian Podcast

Join the LCI Team each week they explore, debate, and analyze the issues that are directly relevant to the intersection of Christianity and liberty. Always thoughtful, frequently controversial, and never boring (trust us), it is our hope and prayer that The Libertarian Christian Podcast serve as a valuable resource to the Church for years to come.

Most Recent Episode:

awake not woke noelle mering

Libertarian Christian Perspectives

Points of View on Popular Topics

No matter the era, some topics will always be controversial. We offer our perspectives on these topics.


Democratic Socialism


War & Peace

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