GW’s Presidential Review

Over at The Humble Libertarian, Sir Messamore has put together an excellent post-mortem of the last eight years of accomplishments from the Oval Office.

Twice, the so-called conservative wing of the Republican Party was instrumental in electing Bush to office on promises of limited government and reform. It was the con of the century. Bush’s presidency has looked nothing like his campaign promises.

If we assign to the words “conservative” and “liberal” their conventional (and confused) meanings in modern American usage, with “conservative” meaning “someone who supports more limited government” and “liberal” meaning “someone who supports more active government,” then Bush is by far the least conservative and most liberal president we have had in decades, or possibly even our entire history as a nation. If we use these words in their classical sense, Bush is neither conservative, nor liberal. More apt descriptors would include: statist, imperialist, autocratic, warmongering, socialist, fascist, and on and on the list could go!

Listing feats of daring-do such as No Child Left Behind, massive deficit spending, and outright socialism, one must be dazzled by the brilliance of such “conservative values.”

Anthony Gregory adds to this analysis in his own way at the Campaign for Liberty website.

Not that any of us have greater “hope” in the Obamessiah by any means, but you get the idea…

By the way, Young Americans for Liberty will be holding demonstrations on campuses all across the country for our “Real Change Requires R3volution” event. Our campus libertarian group, the Libertarian Longhorns, will be joining them along with Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. I’ll have pictures tomorrow night, I hope…

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