Censorship, Elon Musk, and Twitter

Free Speech: Censorship, Elon Musk, and Twitter

Elon Musk has completed a private acquisition of Twitter, promising to unshackle what’s supposed to be a free speech forum from the chains of progressive ruling-class censorship. This is a …

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Voting for Immoral Candidates Isn’t Licensed by Romans 13

Is it justifiable to vote for an immoral candidate from a scriptural perspective? Does Romans 13 give you a way out?

Proof-texting political authority and Romans 13
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Proof-texting Political Authority and Romans 13

There’s a problem with proof-texting political authority and Romans 13. This article follows from my last post addressing the Russia-Ukraine War of 2022. And though the piece I’m critiquing itself …

God and Human Governments
Christian Worldview

God And Human Governments

Originally written by David Lipscomb God and Human Governments. We have received a pamphlet from the author, E.R. Craven, entitled, “Religious Defect of the Constitution of the United States.” The …

Christian Worldview

History and Relationship of Early Christians to Civil Government

This article was originally written by David Lipscomb for the Gospel Advocate in two parts in 1867 and 1868. While notable for its overview of early Church history, it is …

May Christians ignore unjust laws?
Christian Worldview

May Christians Ignore Unjust Laws?

May Christians ignore unjust laws? When you ask a Christian what the relationship between the Christian and the government is they are most likely to point to Matthew 22:21 (NET), …


Abortion is Not Loving Your Neighbor, Governor Newsom

If you are looking for signals of the degradation of civil society, you cannot do much better than observe California politicians leading the way. This September, California Governor Gavin Newsom …

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Fear the President, or Fear the Lord?

Today we look at a Christian Post “Voices” article from March 2022, following Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine, titled “Fearing the Lord and fearing America’s president.” This author essentially wants to criticize President Biden for being a weak president, in particular citing the Ukraine response and withdrawal from Afghanistan as demonstrative of such. 

oppressive moralism political fanatics

Oppressive Moralism of Secular Political Fanatics

There are loads of obsessives today: folks fixated on their phone, TV, sports, race, sex, etc. But the only ones labeled “fanatics” by secular media are religious. And, Lord knows, …

War in the forest
War and Peace

Stop the Yemen War!

In lieu of our normal Weekend Insights post, I want to highlight an important opportunity in the United States happening right now that affects world events, and then tell you …