Weekend Insights – Homeschooling is Racist!

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Alright, I apologize, I couldn’t help using this clickbait title today. But what am I supposed to do when MSNBC says homeschooling is racist and they’re using the same sort of clickbait? Okay, the exact wording is “driven by racism” but that’s still so facepalm-worthy you can hardly help but mock it. At any rate, the linked FEE article provides the data that says otherwise: all surveys point to concerns about their children’s education, safety, and general wellness being their prime interests. The short is that once again the MSM (and the MSNBC author in particular) is simply shilling for government control rather than the actual interests of parents and children.

The VA bought 10,000 smartphones for ~$7 million and 85% went unused. I anticipate seeing this in the next edition of Reason’s Unintended Consequences video series.

IFWE commemorates the 40th anniversary of Michael Novak’s seminal book The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism with a short missive review, saying it’s the “greatest Christian book you’ve never read.” Perhaps hyperbolic, it still convinced me it needs to go on my list.

Decentralized and Neutral by Hoppe.

The lovely little story of using nickel in currency – no joke, it’s really interesting!

Here’s your Top 10 States where you’ll pay the most taxes through your lifetime.

For the scientifically inclined: Check out this inside look at IBM’s quantum computing lab.

What I’m reading: Reading God’s Law and Order by Aaron Griffith (hopefully for a book review and hopefully a podcast later). See all the books I’ve recently been reading on my GoodReads page.

Cheers, and have a great week!

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