Weekend Insights – The “Noble Lies” of COVID-19

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Just a few links for the day… I’ve noted repeatedly that the way in which the CDC has interacted with the American people has been inconsistent and paternalistic. Science does not have to be intensely political, but when you consistently put forward a false face it will get that way fast. Amazingly, of all the publications I’d expect, Slate is figuring this out too, and even though this article is somewhat mild it does make many good points. (Still, down with all lockdowns, period!) I definitely understand that science is inherently a skeptical enterprise, but “nudging” people the way the CDC has done only has negative results.

Honesty, transparency, and having conversations like adults is always a better policy. “Talk to me like I’m five” has no place here.

Reason.org, of course, figured this out long ago: The CDC Has Confused Everybody, Again.

And this too: CDC Sentences Kids To Another Year of Irrational Masking.

Do math, get threatened by the state:

I mentioned I was reading Cixin Liu’s “The Three-Body Problem” sci-fi novel last week. I didn’t realize that (1) there was a Netflix series for it in the pipeline and that (2) there was some controversy around it. Pretty wild stuff!

As always, don’t forget to check out our book Faith Seeking Freedom! (You can get two copies by donating at least $20 via this link.)

Cheers, and have a great week!

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