Is there a Christian Immigration Policy?

Christians should have a welcoming posture toward immigrants

Prompted by the distasteful, immoral, and un-American advice of Vice President Kamala Harris toward would-be immigrants, I was inspired to write an op-ed recently for Real Clear Religion about Christian treatment of immigrants. The full article, which you can read in its entirety, was an adaptation of a few of the questions Dick Clark and I wrote for Faith Seeking Freedom.

Lesson learned: writing for a predominantly non-libertarian audience was a bit of an awakening, as prejudices, false assumptions, and the lack of source data were thrown my way in the comments, some of which I engaged, others I completely ignored.

Immigration policy is a big topic, but one that has a tremendous amount of data and research, so it behooves us to really know the data. No matter where one comes down on the question, “what policy should the U.S. adopt?”, my take is that the default posture of Christians and libertarians should be one of open arms toward any individual or family who seeks to improve their own lives in a peaceful way. Why this is objectionable is beyond me. But if you’re not convinced, perhaps reading Faith Seeking Freedom could help. You can get your copy here.

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