Weekend Insights – What’s a Great Conjunction?

Welcome back to Weekend Insights, your LCI “President’s Corner” of miscellaneous articles, events, books, vids, and whatever else I’m thinking about… Since I didn’t get it published Sunday morning, this is going out via email on Monday, but hey better late than never!

As is my custom (for now), here’s yet another reminder that LCI’s new book Faith Seeking Freedom: Libertarian Christian Answers to Tough Questions is now officially launched. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for your [insert loved one here]!

There are double rainbows…. and there are double planets! Yes, that’s a real thing. It’s an astronomical occurrence where two planets line up very close together in view of the earth, and an exceptionally rare one is set to occur on none other than the Winter Solstice this year. Jupiter and Saturn will line up closer than they have in the past 800 years, and such an event is so rare that it’s called a “Great Conjunction”. That’s pretty cool! It will appear in the southwest sky shortly after sundown and will easily be the brightest visible celestial body that night. I’ll be checking it out for sure!

That reminds me also of one of my favorite albums of all time: Michael Hedges Live at the Double Planet. If you like acoustic guitar, this will rock your world/planet/thing. Check it out on Spotify or on Amazon Music. Or watch Michael tear it up on Youtube.

If it’s not obvious by now, police in the USA need to be de-militarized. Senators Rand Paul and Brian Schatz have introduced a bill to try and do so, and that’s a good thing. Learn more about the history of this absurd policy from FEE: Militarizing the Police Doesn’t Reduce Crime.

We approach the end of the year, time to clean up and get reorganized. After reading this article about KonMari, I’m more than a little inspired to make my deskspace a new thing of beauty…

Did you miss our Facebook Live cast? It was hilarious (even with the technical glitches) so check it out HERE! Ignore that it says its a test stream, that was my fault of mislabeling as we were going live. :-)

Cheers, and have a great week!

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