For Love of Neighbor

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Via our dear friend Jacqueline Isaac, I have recently been made aware of a new documentary produced by American Enterprise Institute’s Initiative on Faith & Public Life called “For Love of Neighbor.” It releases in just a week and there is a free live screening (via streaming video) next Wednesday night at 6 p.m. CST. You can learn more and sign up to attend here.

From the film description:

The film does not provide specific answers for how Christians should engage in politics—prescribing who they should vote for or what specific policies they should support. Instead, it explores foundational questions about the purpose (and limits) of politics and the proper Christian posture toward government and secular society. Ultimately, the film aims to spark further discussion and offer a hopeful vision for Christian participation in contemporary public life.

To me this sounds interesting. The trailer itself shows that the viewer follows multiple Christians in different political-type arenas, including Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. I’ll be curious most of all to look for the meta-message behind the rhetoric. I’m intrigued enough to attend!

Check out the trailer:

Again, you can learn more and sign up for the release event here.

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