introducing good news bad news

Introducing “Good News, Bad News”

We pride ourselves at LCI on providing great “evergreen” content for Christian libertarians across the world. Nonetheless, addressing what is happening in the world right now is important as well, and to that end we are starting up a new video series to do just that. We’re calling it “Good News Bad News” and you’ll be able to find it every few weeks on our Youtube channel. Each episode, our roundtable will talk frankly about 4 to 8 topics that we think are interesting, notable, and in some cases even fun in world events. To make it even more easily shareable, we’ll carve up shorter segments from the whole on single topics as well.

We will rotate around with new people from time to time, and for this episode we’ve got Doug Stuart, Kerry Baldwin, Matt Bellis, and me discussing cancel culture, a cashless society, Hamilton (the musical!), and civil disobedience – should Christians ever disobey their government? (Mercy me!)

Of course, this is a “pilot run” and we expect to tweak this program and get better every time we do it. And, thus, your feedback is very important to us! Please let us know what you think in the comments or via our Contact Form. As always, we appreciate your support and love your feedback, and we hope you will enjoy the show and tune in regularly.

Check out the full episode here:

And here’s a playlist with shorter segments: