New Resources for Small Groups

In recent months many of you have reached out to LCI to ask how we can assist you in starting a local group in your area. We’re so excited to hear that you have a passion for meeting and growing with other libertarian Christians, and we want to support you in that.

We also know that it can be daunting to start a group, especially with strangers, in order to foster genuine fellowship and lasting friendships. There are so many questions to ask and hurdles to overcome. How do I pick a location? When do I meet, and how often? And how on earth will others know I’ve got a group started?!

While we can’t create that environment for you, or lead from a distance, we want to stay true to our mission and equip you with as many tools as possible.

So we’ve rebuilt our Libertarian Christian Small Groups page. This is the place to find an existing group in your area, let us know you want to launch a new group, and download our Small Group Leaders Guide PDF so you can start off well.

If you’ve got a group that meets, and you’re not on the list, let us know!