What are a Libertarian Christian’s Core Values?

Critics can say what they want to about the libertarian movement, but one thing it can never be accused of is being void of diverse opinions. Both well-articulated reasons and wacko-obscure viewpoints disseminate daily from many within the ranks of libertarianism. This is to speak nothing of the debate over which faction of the libertarian movement is the most authentic or unadulterated.

Every libertarian defends and passionately promotes the message of liberty in a variety of creative and interesting ways that appeal to them. That is to say, our diversity as a group means we are bound to be excited about liberty for different reasons. Whatever reasons one has for interest in liberty, having some foundations or starting points that can be discussed and defended is paramount for keeping centered in principle.

The Libertarian Christian Institute was founded because we believe that libertarianism is the most consistent expression of Christian political thought. In the nearly 10 years that LibertarianChristians.com and now LCI have existed, we have sought to communicate this belief in a variety of ways and venues. That’s why we decided that communicating who we are in a brief but concise document was the right next step for those who want to know what LCI is all about. What is our mission? What is our vision for the organization? What core values do we stand by?

This is why we’re excited to announce that LCI has created our Mission, Vision, & Core Values statement. The LCI executive team has been working hard on this statement recently. We believe that every Christian libertarian should feel comfortable affirming these statements, even if they have their own nuance or “spin” on them. Our aim is not to comprehensively spell out what every Christian libertarian must believe. Rather, we aim to provide a central set of tenets that we can all start from, regardless of differences in denomination or theological inclinations. We also expect that these values will resonate with people who do not call themselves Christian in hopes that they will see the inherent compatibility between Christianity and libertarianism.

In addition to the statement itself, we knew it would be helpful to clarify a few frequently asked questions about LCI as an organization.

So we present to you the Libertarian Christian Institute Mission, Vision, & Core Values page.

During the development of this document, we sought the feedback of several individuals who gave us input. In particular LCI wishes to thank Jamin Hübner, Kerry Baldwin, Jeff Wright, Alexander McCobin, and Ruth Ryder. Their feedback was invaluable to us in crafting this document.