Christians for Liberty 2017 E-Conference

The Libertarian Christian Institute is pleased to announce that our 2017 Christians for Liberty Conference will take place on November 18th as an e-conference.

After several years of holding in-person conferences in Austin, Texas, it became clear that no matter how good the content, it would always be a challenge for the vast majority of LCI’s supporters to travel for the event. So this year, we’re trying something different to significantly reduce costs and increase convenience for attendees by moving the conference to the internet.

The conference will be a half-day event (approximately 4 hours) conducted via the Crowdcast platform. As with past in person conferences, you will be able to ask questions of the speakers during Q&A sessions. Please consult this page from Crowdcast to test your computer and/or mobile platform for compatibility.

The speaker lineup includes:

  • Art Carden, Associate Professor of Economics at Samford University
  • Jamin Hübner, General Editor of Christian Libertarian Review and Chair of Christian Studies at John Witherspoon College
  • Lucas Engelhardt, Associate Professor of Economics at Kent State University
  • Norman Horn, Chairman/President of LCI and co-host of the Libertarian Christian Podcast
  • David Gornoski, author and proprietor of A Neighbor’s Choice

The price for a live stream will be $10, and you are both allowed and encouraged to host viewing parties amongst your churches, communities, families, friends, local groups, student organizations, or whatever else. Additional details and a registration portal will follow soon. We hope to see you online at this year’s conference!

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