Jamin Hübner on How State Accreditation Hinders Education

Jamin Hübner, General Editor of LCI’s new research journal, Christian Libertarian Review, recently published an academic piece in The Journal of Religious Leadership on the bureaucratic roadblocks to accreditation caused by state intervention. Hübner is himself a professor and administrator at a small Christian college and has dealt with these matters first hand.

In every area it touches, the state hinders efficiency and leaves us with lower quality, higher cost goods and services than would otherwise be provided on a truly free market; education is certainly no different. What’s more, educational accreditation over religious institutions (like Christian colleges) can be wielded as a weapon by the state to ensure that curriculum never gets too far ‘out of line’ when it comes to questioning state power.

Weaving together theology, political economy and pedagogy, Hübner both analyzes the problem and proposes some practical solutions. You can read his research by clicking here.

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