Resurrection Sunday: the Surety of Our Hope

Each Easter, countless people from around the world look forward to spending time with friends and family, or perhaps just an extra day off. But for those of us who know Jesus, we commemorate the great turning point in all history.

On Good Friday, the Lord Jesus was murdered at the hands of the ungodly — a wicked alliance of state officials, religious elites and barbarous crowds — yet God was in complete control (Acts 2:23). On the third day, the Father raised the Son from the dead, vindicating Jesus and proving that he was triumphant over sin, Satan and death.

While it is typically our self-righteous tendency to identify with the heroes of the story, the reality is we were among the crowds calling for Jesus’ murder. Sinful man insists on claiming God’s throne. In the public sphere, this manifests as statism. And while the state may be the greatest institutionalization of sin in the world, it is ultimately still just a fruit from the same poisonous tree as every other evil. Each time we choose to sin, we are declaring our kingship over and against God’s.

Thankfully, God didn’t abandon us to our foolish and destructive ways. He descended into the darkness to bring us into the light. Because we are united with Christ in his death, we are also united with him in his resurrection (Romans 6:5-10). Because Christ lives, we also shall rise again from the dead.

At the Libertarian Christian Institute, it is our mission to proclaim the truth that there is only one rightful ruler of men: the God-man, Jesus Christ. Seeking to control the lives of others, even with supposedly good intentions, is rebellion against God’s kingship. Libertarianism isn’t just a good idea for economic, philosophical or practical purposes; it’s a core element of Christian ethics. To control others using political power is idolatry against God and hateful towards our neighbor. To renounce such control is honoring to God and loving towards our neighbor.

So far in 2017, we have announced the launch of two major projects: the Libertarian Christian Podcast –- with new episodes posted each Monday –- and our academic journal, Christian Libertarian Review. These projects represent our goal of creating and distributing excellent content for both popular and academic audiences, and we’re just getting started. Will you support us in this mission with a tax-deductible contribution?

A friend recently remarked to me that if the Libertarian Christian Institute is the only major producer of libertarian Christian content, then we will have failed in our mission. I agree with his analysis, and that’s why I’m so grateful that everywhere I look, I see more libertarian and libertarian-leaning Christians who have never even heard of us. Our goal is for libertarianism to be so obvious to Christians that they’re hearing it from the pulpits, discussing it in their Bible studies, and living it out in their lives even if they’ve never heard of the Libertarian Christian Institute. One of the great things about spreading ideas is that the effect compounds; the people we reach today have the potential to influence tens or even hundreds of millions for generations to come.

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This Easter, help tell the world that King Jesus is on the throne, and that Caesar is on his way out. Please click here to support the Libertarian Christian Institute today.