Announcing: Christian Libertarian Review

As LCI has considered our direction over these past several months, it has become increasingly clear that our greatest value to both the Church and the liberty movement involves content creation. In other words, the production of high-quality resources which explain, advance, explore, and advocate for libertarian political philosophy within the context of the Christian faith. Our focus areas for that content are two-fold: popular-level resources intended to reach Christians of all types, and scholarly resources intended to reach Christian academics.

Last month, we launched our first new major program: the Libertarian Christian Podcast. The response has been fantastic, and we expect it to keep getting better and better. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our first scholarly program: Christian Libertarian Review.

Christian Libertarian Review is a peer-reviewed, Open Access research journal specifically dedicated to publishing content on the intersection of Christianity and libertarian political philosophy. It will publish manuscripts on economics, history, law, business, foreign policy, literature, philosophy and more, all within the framework of Christian theology. Our peer-review board consists of some truly phenomenal libertarian Christian scholars, with theologian Dr. Jamin Hübner serving as General Editor.

Christian Libertarian Review will help to fill an important gap in contemporary scholarship by providing a reputable, high-quality platform for publishing critical research in libertarian thought within the context of the Christian faith. Our hope is that not only will it be useful to existing libertarian and libertarian Christian thinkers, but even more importantly that it will serve as an outreach tool to advance libertarian thought within the Church amongst the countless Christian scholars and leaders who are not yet libertarians.

This announcement shall also serve as the Call for Papers for Volume 1 (which is set to be released in January 2018). Because the journal is Open Access, it will be freely available online. Additionally, some approved manuscripts will be published on the LCI website prior to the official publication date of each full volume, so authors don’t have to wait an entire year to see their manuscripts published. Submissions intended for inclusion in Volume 1 will be due by late summer 2017; those submitted after will be considered for Volume 2 or later.

Manuscript submissions to Christian Libertarian Review are open to anyone regardless of their formal academic qualifications. All manuscripts are blind peer-reviewed solely on the basis of the quality of the work. As such, submissions are encouraged from established scholars, pastors/priests, doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates, and anyone else who is capable of conducting quality research on the subject matter. Current scholars, postgraduate and graduate students, and other academically-trained persons are also invited to conduct book reviews for the journal.

Click here to read the submission guidelines. If you have any questions pertaining to the suitability of a manuscript for Christian Libertarian Review, or if you wish to inquire about doing a book review, please write to Dr. Hübner at with “CLR” as the subject line.

On a related note, you can also click here to listen to episode 4 of the Libertarian Christian Podcast, where Dr. Hübner is interviewed as our first ever guest and discusses his own intellectual journey, as well as his take on the current state of Christ and liberty in the academy.

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