End the War on Kidneys! (and other News of the Week)

Recapping the interesting and significant news and articles of the past week.

There is a terrible war on kidneys the government is waging, and it has to stop!

LCC writer Isaac Morehouse writes that intellectual property is childish. Well, when even the New York Times is concerned about patents being used as swords, you have to wonder…

LCC writer Laurence Vance has a two new articles out as well: Americans Are Already Double and Triple Taxed and Government Impossible.

By some standards, a number of other countries are more economically libertarian than the United States.

Are government regulators destroying your home appliances? Yes, Virginia, they are.

Here is how the government created a problem that created another problem, then problematized things even more with a pathetic solution.

Have you been to LCC recently? If not, here’s what you might have missed:

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