News of the Week, October 6, 2012 Edition: Libertarianism is not just for Protestants

Recapping the interesting and significant news and articles of the past week.

Our Catholic brethren have a new resource: Free is Beautiful: Why Catholics should be libertarian by Randy England. See a recent book review here.

Is teleportation possible? Not Star Trek style, at least not yet… but there is such a thing as “quantum teleportation” via “entanglement” of atomic states. It is weird stuff, let me tell you. Recently there was a significant advance in this area when entanglement was demonstrated over 140+ kilometers. The results are quite impressive.

Do you routinely conceal-and-carry your firearm? Learn how to do so in style.

From the IP-is-despicable department, a guy recently created a special font style to help out dyslexic readers, then promptly gets a copyright cease and desist threat. How low can you go?

Well, if you’re a bureaucrat, you can definitely go further. Such as one of the United States highest ranked copyright bureaucrats who thinks that any new communications technology ought to be vetted by congress first before entering the market.

Mortgage weirdness still ensues years after the crisis. Are renewed problems just beginning? “Dual-tracking” is an odd practice that was supposed to be reduced by these insane bailouts, but is it still being practiced by many banks? Is it a market response, or abuse? Real estate markets overall are still in an odd state; mortgage rates today are still relatively low but banks are still hesitant to lend. Is this a signal that we aren’t out of the woods yet?

And now, for your moment of zen, care of XKCD:

But then the Ghost of Subjunctive Past showed up and told me to stay strong on 'if it were'.

The mouse-over text: “But then the Ghost-of-Subjunctive-Past showed up and told me to stay strong on ‘if it were’.” I strongly identify with this.