News of the Week: “You Didn’t Build That”

Recapping the interesting and significant events of the past week.

This week, President Barack Obama told a crowd that if you have a business, “You didn’t build that.” Congratulations to “The Great Orator” for his greatest foot-in-mouth moment ever. LOL!

By the way, I didn’t write this post either. Or even type that sentence. But moving on to other things I didn’t do…

On Friday just past midnight, a lone gunman killed twelve and injured 50+ more people in a movie theater premiering Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Obviously, this is terrible, but do not be deceived by the media telling us that we need stronger controls on guns because of this tragedy. The Luby’s Massacre in 1991 killed nearly twice as many people, and yet it was one of the survivors – Suzanna Hupp – who then pushed for the Texas State government to pass concealed carry legislation in response. We should know better than to give up our freedom to carry firearms for the supposed “security” that the State can provide – which is no security at all. If you think guns should be banned, why don’t you check this out.

Do you need to unlock yourself from the clock?

There is an unusual new movement out there called “Hebrew Roots” that teaches people that following the Torah is the proper way of being a Christian. That’s dangerous in and of itself, but they are strange in many other ways as well. I recently wrote a short essay about their theology of sin that has been posted publicly at the Joyfully Growing in Grace Facebook page. You can learn much more about the Hebrew Roots Movement at the Joyfully Growing in Grace website.

I love Amazon Prime – order something and it arrives at my front door two days later. Sometimes it is so fast that it’s scary. Check out this hilarious video about Amazon’s [fictitious] new service, Amazon Yesterday!

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