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Christian Pacifism, 30th Anniversary Edition–Free on Kindle

imageI have said many times that I am not a pacifist, but that I have genuine respect for those who are. I also believe it is important to understand the arguments for pacifism from a Christian perspective. Today I found out that from now until Sunday you can get the Kindle edition of Christian Pacifism: Fruit of the Narrow Way (30th Anniversary Edition) for free on I have not read the book yet, but I have heard good things about it, and who can pass up a free book like this?

My friend Aaron Taylor made me aware of this find. He found this description of the book:

Originally published by Friends United Press, copyright 1981, Christian Pacifism: Fruit of the Narrow Way, by Michael [C] Snow [Earlham School of Religion, ‘81], is now in an “ebook” edition.

In the new Preface, the author writes, “May we all continue to seek first His Kingdom… I pray that this new release…will be a help to pilgrims on that path.”

The original book finally came off the press in January of 1982. It was featured as the selection of the month for the Quaker Book Club in March. The cover art, by graphic artist Susanna Combs, was also featured in a poster and on the cover of Quaker Life for the July-August issue of that year.

In the review in The Friend (UK), Eva Pinthus wrote, “There are few Friends, and even fewer books, that can help evangelical Christians to become convinced of the truth of the Friends’ peace testimony…. Thus we welcome Michael Snow’s rather brief but challenging book.”

Though the original book is currently out-of-print, it has remained readily available through online used book vendors. And a WorldCat library search via the internet shows that it is still available at over 50, mostly university and seminary libraries.

I hope you’ll find this book beneficial. Check it out at