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The Story of Broke Response

Art Carden is a Christian economist who has a knack for bringing complex subjects down to understandable terms. While he already writes for,, and other major online sites, I’ve been encouraging him to submit articles relating to faith and economics to LCC for a while. I’m sure he’ll take me up on that offer someday, but for now I’d love to share one of his videos that was recently posted on that is simply phenomenal.

His previous videos are primarily educational, and while his newest one does educate, it’s extremely practical. As a response to a left-liberal video called The Story of Broke (same creators as The Story of Stuff), it sets an example of how to talk about public choice problems and the knowledge problem while at the same time agreeing with much of the critique of our current system. It’s simple, and brilliant. Add to that the amazing production effects (seriously, there are sharks in this video!), and it’s a wonderful 4-minute video