News of the Week: November 30 to December 4, 2010

Recapping interesting things in the news and on the net in the past week.

Clearly, the big news item this week was Wikileaks newest revelation of diplomatic cables. They continue to be harassed via state intervention in other ways. Amazon was threatened by Joe Lieberman, and thus has banned Wikileaks from their hosting service. Paypal now will not allow you to make a donation to Wikileaks from their site. Apparently, the State Department is vicariously communicating to students that if you read or share Wikileaks, you’ll be ineligible for a government job. (As if that’s a bad thing?) I can’t believe that I still hear people saying that Wikileaks isn’t a big deal, that this isn’t anything we didn’t already know. If that were truly the case, then why all the hullaballoo? It would not make any sense unless this is a big deal. Why on earth would multiple newspapers like to see the heroic Julian Assange dead?

Don’t miss this video from Judge Napolitano’s show with Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio.

You see, if the government does X, it really should be called Y.

Gerard Casey documents the major contributions of the Catholic Scholastics to economics.

Finally, the DHS is getting rid of the absolutely idiotic color-coded terror alert system. I no longer have to cower in fear whenever I hear the word “orange.”

TechCrunch has a cool series on the past and present of social networking. I suppose the post on “the future” is coming up soon.

Learn about the history of the word “stop” in music.


Add your own favorite news or fun item of the week in the comments, share the love!

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