Rand Paul Moneybomb August 19/20 and Interview Announcement

After setting loose a short rant against politicians earlier today… it’s time to mention another politician. Well, at least this guy is going to be better.

Rand Paul, son of Ron, is an interesting fellow. Like his father, he became a doctor. He now practices ophthalmology in Kentucky. Like his father, he became politically active. Rand is the founder and chairman of Kentucky Taxpayers United, an ideologically conservative organization.

Now, from my point of view, Rand is more “conservative” than truly “libertarian” on a few important issues. He’s even shied away from the use of the term. To me, it’s kind of unfortunate that he does not seem to carry his father’s passion for principle in the same way. On the other hand, he’s not shied away from telling the truth about American politics and history, some of which has proven to be unpopular yet he does it anyway. To that I say way to go! Ultimately, I’m willing to give him a chance. He’s clearly better than at least 534 of the 535 members of Congress, so I’d prefer to see him in the Senate than someone from the regular Republican goonsquad.

And what’s more, the Rand Paul campaign has agreed to do an interview for LCC here in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll be able to ask him some questions that still linger for me. This will be a great opportunity for YOU to ask some questions as well, so comment below if you want something specific addressed. I promise to take all reasonable questions into consideration.

The campaign is doing a moneybomb for the next two days, so if you are so inclined to support the Paul campaign then make sure to donate. Click on the picture below to go to the donation page.

Rand Paul Moneybomb