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Announcing the Edmund Opitz Archive

I am currently writing an article for the next Young American Revolution magazine (published by YAL) on Rev. Edmund A. Opitz, liberty-loving Congregational minister and author. You may remember him from my review of his book, The Libertarian Theology of Freedom.

image1 As part of this project, I have been procuring all the articles, pamphlets, and books by Opitz that I can get my hands on. Opitz’s work needs to be read and understood by libertarian Christians everywhere, and to that end I will be creating an Edmund Opitz Archive on LibertarianChristians.com. Over the next few days as I’m finishing up the article, you’ll be seeing a number of articles by Opitz (or about Opitz) posted here, such as the one I posted a few weeks ago entitled Religious Roots of Liberty. This archive will continue to be expanded as I find new material both in print and online.

I cannot stress enough how important Ed has been to the liberty movement since its inception, and we need to remember his legacy and strive to continue his work in spreading liberty within the congregations we serve. We can learn so much from his example, and I know that LCC can be successful in bringing Opitz’s work to those who have never heard of him before.

“In today’s world, the term ‘libertarian Christian’ seems to many people to be an oxymoron. It is not. It exemplifies nothing less than the true meaning of the teachings of Jesus.”

– Charles Hallberg, from the Foreword to The Libertarian Theology of Freedom.

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