Ed Opitz, RIP

Edmund Opitz [OWEpitz] was for 37 years one of the senior staff members at the Foundation for Economic Education. He died on February 13, four days before his colleague at FEE, Paul Poirot, also died. Opitz was 92. Poirot was 90. Opitz was FEE’s resident theologian. He was an ordained Congregational minister. Earlier, he had been a Unitarian minister, but as he grew older, he grew more conservative.

Announcing the Edmund Opitz Archive

I am currently writing an article for the next Young American Revolution magazine (published by YAL) on Rev. Edmund A. Opitz, liberty-loving Congregational minister and author. You may remember him from my review of his book, The Libertarian Theology of Freedom. As part of this project, I have been procuring all the articles, pamphlets, and […]