Christian Libertarian Blog Carnival – August 2009 Edition

I am regular contributor to the Christian Libertarian Blog Carnival, a monthly webzine of submissions from a variety of Christian libertarians across the net. This month’s selections are really informative, so I hope you’ll take some time and check them out at the Liberty vs. Leviathan Blog. In particular, there are a couple of articles on abortion. Thanks, Roman, for putting the CLBC together this month!

Excerpt from the introduction:

This month we have twelve submissions from regular contributors and new contributors as well.  All contributions are worth your time but I want to bring special attention to two in particular this month.

It has been my experience that much misunderstanding can arise in conversations when one professes to hold pro-life and libertarian views simultaneously.  The assumption often seems to be that if you lean libertarian then your commitment to life is not as strong as your commitment to economics or liberty.  Dave Jones at Southern Bread and Vox Day at Vox Popoli address this matter from two different perspectives.  In the first case Dave challenges a line of reasoning that is based on the premise that the baby is a trespasser in the womb.  Vox Day makes the case that supporting life and opposing abortion is the only logical position a libertarian could take.  Both are valuable contributions to the discussion.  (A warm “thank you” to Vox Day for allowing me to include his post in the carnival.)