Christianity and War Audiobook Roundup #1

Every once in a while, I will post a quick roundup of the latest podcasts so you can catch up at your convenience… As you can see below, there have been 10 podcasts on Vance’s book thus far. I hope you will get a chance to listen to all of them!

  1. Christianity and War Part 1
  2. Falwell’s Folly
  3. Gott Mit Uns
  4. Charles Spurgeon on Christian War Fever
  5. Are You a Christian Warmonger?
  6. Vicesimus Knox, Minister of Peace
  7. The Early Christian Attitude to War
  8. The Warmonger’s Beatitudes and Humpty Dumpty Religion
  9. The Wicked Bible and the Wicked War
  10. The President’s Prayer

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