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I am currently browsing through a large volume of The Gospel Advocate, a Church of Christ newsletter that was published weekly through much of the 1800s. This blurb about that revolting atheist Voltaire caught my eye and made me smile as I have been devouring this massive tome…

From the September 11, 1866, No. 37 issue:

Nearly a hundred years ago, Voltaire resided at Geneva. One day he said to some of his friends, in a boastful, sneering tone: “Before the beginning of the nineteenth century, Christianity will have disappeared from the earth.” In that same house, in that said room where these impious words were spoken, what think you there is to-day? A large deposit of Bibles! The sacred books fill the house from the floor to the ceiling! So much for Voltaire’s prediction!

The grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word of our Lord stands forever. Amen.