10 Things I Hate About Taxes #5: Your Tax Dollars at Work

This entry is part 5 of 12 in the series Ten Things I Hate About Taxes

This is the fifth article in a series on taxation leading up to Tax Day, April 15.

Think about all the crazy things you know your tax money pays for…

  1. Unconstitutional wars
  2. The Welfare System
  3. Subsidizing unemployment
  4. Foreign aid – Seriously, do we just hate the human race or what?
  5. Regulation upon regulation
  6. Bailouts
  7. Corporate welfare
  8. Stupid retail development projects
  9. Paying this guy’s salary
  10. The War on Drugs
  11. The War on Poverty
  12. The War on Terror
  13. Inauguration expenses – Why should I pay for people to go worship a state leader?
  14. Stopping “climate change”
  15. Oil subsidies
  16. Public transportation programs that no one uses
  17. Cow fart research – well, actually they research enteric fermentation
  18. Morally dubious research, such as stem-cells, abortion, and America’s very real WMD programs
  19. Disaster relief that doesn’t work (cf. FEMA)
  20. Social Security
  21. The Department of Education (down with nationalized public schools!)
  22. The REAL ID Act and its execution
  23. Congressmen’s salaries – I wonder how interested they would be in passing laws if they didn’t get paid for it…
  24. Socialized health care (including Medicare)
  25. Vampire Cops

Sometimes I feel that paying my taxes.. is like throwing money down a giant hole…


(Pardon the mild profanity at the beginning of the video.)

We’re just getting started here, that list can go on and on… Want to add something? Comment below and I’ll put it up! Links are good too, just remember that if you put more than 2 than the comment is automatically held for moderation.

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