Unprecedented Obama Lust

The media spent 35 times more airtime covering Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration than the 2004 inauguration. Given, 2004 was an incumbent win, but even so this is entirely unprecedented in history. Yet, despite this gargantuan amount of coverage, the television ratings did not beat out Reagan viewership in 1981. Bias, anyone?

The level of Obama Lust throughout the country is sickening. USA Today reports a variety of streets and schools being renamed after a President whose only claim to history is that he’s the first African-American President. I admit, that is not a triviality by any means, but these acts scream premature. Even in St. Louis, where I used to live, they are re-naming old Delmar into “Barack Obama Boulevard.” Unbelievable!

This sentence about the public school disgusts me: “The children take such pride over the name being changed and knowing they represent such a strong individual.” Are you kidding me? No longer is the argument that the official represents the people (though they most certainly do not in reality), but that the people represent their glorious leader? How foolish.

The following video is extremely creepy. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have compiled a number of celebrities “pledging allegiance” to the president. I call into question even “pledging allegiance to the flag,” much more pledging to any politician. It smacks of fealty oaths made to monarchs of old. But the end disturbs me the most: “I pledge to be a servant to our president, and all mankind.” Forget the notion that the government serves the people (which of course it doesn’t), the glorious dictator has arrived!

I had hoped that faith in the presidency could be seriously diminished by Obama because there is no way he can actually accomplish all the “change” he says we can believe in, but what concerns me now is that any failure that could be attributed to Obama will be instantly passed off as the fault of others. “Oh, it wasn’t Obama, it was the Congress… It wasn’t Obama’s policies, it was the Republicans… Obama was the good guy, the cabinet messed him up…”

Ironically enough, it will be the Democrat version of what so many conservatives said about Bush for soooooo long. Thankfully, many of them are finally coming around, but we have a long way to go until liberty thrives again in any political party. And I frankly have doubts if that can ever occur.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…