Ron Paul on the Morning Joe

Ron Paul was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, and he fielded questions about the state of the economy from about five different people at once. It is incredible to me how they fail to comprehend some of the most basic concepts of economics.

They tacitly assume that the solution to the financial crisis must involve greater government intervention than before! And furthermore, they take on faith that more government intervention will stop unemployment! This is unfathomably stupid, and if they would have listened to Paul in the first minute they could figure out how to answer their own question:

Government cannot do anything at all – it cannot build a road, arm a military, or start a post office – without taking money out of productive hands first. Thus, any unemployment they “solve” can only be accomplished by reducing employment in another sector – because capital has been swindled in the process. Moreover, productivity is further lost because the government will consume part of that which it takes in the process of redistribution. The government is like a vampire, it never can create wealth – it only consumes.

Ron Paul has been likened in recent days to the financial version of an Old Testament prophet. Seriously, what has he predicted at this point that hasn’t occurred? Like Peter Schiff, he has been consistently vindicated as events play themselves out. Take heed, America, take heed.

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