Interfaith Leaders of Detroit learn to play Grand Theft Auto

They seem so happy playing their little game, don’t they?

Interfaith leaders lobby for auto aid | The Detroit News |

Responding to concerns from their followers, a dozen interfaith leaders from across Metro Detroit announced Thursday they will conduct national lobbying to urge members of Congress to back loans for Detroit’s Big Three auto manufacturers and set up an information network about the social services they provide.

“Some of us have larger, national denominations and we can contact those members of Congress who are straddling the fence,” said Bishop Charles Ellis of Greater Grace Temple in Detroit.

“We can use our constituents in those communities to influence those people.”

Read: swindle.

This is just sickening. That Christian leaders would advocate wholesale theft from the American people to save businesses that were so poorly managed and, moreover, driven into the ground by the unions (with whom many of these clergyman’s laity gladly place their support) is absolutely monstrous.

The Bible says it very succinctly: Thou shalt not steal. Nevertheless, people around the country think that when the government does it – no matter what – it isn’t really stealing. Why do I say no matter what? Because they continually allow it. They continue to elect these fools, they continue to allow them free reign, they continue to rent seek from these supposed “benefactors”, they continue their lethargy.

Economically, a bailout is preposterous. Ethically, it is unjustified. Morally, it is heinous. Practically, it is disastrous!

Some preachers complain that the Grand Theft Auto video games are negatively affecting kids, while ignoring the Grand Theft Auto (and other grandiose thefts in the last few months) taking place right in front of their eyes. What foolishness!