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In memoriam

On this day, not-so-many years ago, over 200,000 people died because an evil man thought it would be politically useful. …

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Everything you need to know about the Wikileaks Afghanistan Leak

In April, Wikileaks.org released a suppressed video of US soldiers killing civilians in Baghdad, and the world was shocked at …

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Tolstoy On Violent Revolution

Running on the coat-tails of yesterday’s post, here is an excerpt I found particularly interesting in The Kingdom of God …

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Theological Traditions

Many people do not like the word “tradition.” It holds connotations of oldness or stinginess, and in our modern way …

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Politics Hurt

This entry is part 13 of 22 in the series Great Libertarian Memes

When confronted with a problem most people today turn to the government—but in reality, it’s often the government that created the problem and its continued involvement only exacerbates the problem. Politics distorts free market signals, quashes rights, and, quite bluntly, kills individuals.

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