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My View of Politics

Please remove me from your mailing list, “I’m just totally uninterested in your view of politics,” wrote a former student …

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Book Reviews

Make Everything Voluntary

God created a remarkable world, a world where if you follow good ethics and work hard then the results are …

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Thinking About Economics: It’s more than just money.

By Edmund Opitz, author of The Libertarian Theology of Freedom and Religion and Capitalism: Allies, Not Enemies. This article originally …

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Theological Schizophrenia

It is bad enough that Republican warmongers like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Allan West are whining about …

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President's Blog

Quick Follow-up on the Value of News

I wrote my post about why I don’t watch the news some time ago.  Now I see Bryan Caplan over …

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Book Reviews

“Amusing Ourselves to Death” Book Review

Neil Postman’s well-known book Amusing Ourselves to Death gives us a chilling reminder of how much the media we use on a regular basis affect our thought patterns. In particular, Postman’s main concern is the effect of television on public discourse.

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