Love Your Neighbor – The Non-Aggression Principle: GodArchy Podcast #3

Don’t hit people. Don’t take their stuff. Or as Jesus put it, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This episode of the GodArchy podcast features a discussion on the non-aggression principle.

In episode #2, I talked about the principle of self-ownership. In episode #3, I discuss a key ethical extension of that idea – non-aggression.

If we own ourselves, it follows that people don’t have the right to use aggressive force, violence or coercion against us. This idea serves as a pillar of libertarian philosophy. It also fits neatly within Jesus’ Second Great Commandment – love your neighbor as yourself.

In this episode, I talk about how we derive the NAP, how it fits neatly with the Second Great Commandment, and how embracing the NAP leads me to conclude that the state is ethically illegitimate.

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