Ep 8: Why Good Arguments are About Ideas, Not Personality

Summary – Why Good Arguments are About Ideas, Not Personality

This week I will be encouraging us to think about why good arguments should be based on our ideas and not on the personalities of those with whom we debate. We look at the negative effect that polemics has on our society, how James and Paul encourage us to think about what we say, and ways in which we can have more productive conversations.

Next week, we will be looking at the book Who is an Evangelical by Thomas Kidd. It details the history of the evangelical movement in the US, how it became increasingly political and identified with the Republican party, and if this branch of Protestantism has a future.

Episode Outline:

I. The media cares more about personality than it does about ideas.
II. Biblical scholars also often resort to personality attacks
III. How should Christians go about arguing with others with which they disagree?
IV. How Protestants can learn to argue better.

Media Referenced:

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