Ep 7: Rules of Engagement: Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation

Summary – Rules of Engagement: Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation

This week we are looking at what the Bible is and how we will be interpreting it on this show. We will return to these interpretive methods and analyze them in more detail on future episodes, but this will provide us with a starting point for thinking about how the Bible works.

Episode Outline:

I. Reformation and the problem of Biblical interpretation
II. How should we interpret the Bible – hermeneutics
III. What the Bible is not – popular fallacies
IV. What the Bible is
V. Morality, theology, and devotion
VI. Danger of importing our own theological preferences into the text

Media Referenced:

  •  Biblical Exegesis, John Hayes, Carl Holladay
  •  How to Read the Bible For All It’s Worth, Gordon Fee, Douglas Stuart
  •  Elements of Biblical Exegesis, Michael Gorman 
  •  The Last Word, N.T. Wright

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